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With a degree in Criminal Justice and 20 years specializing in automotive and structural locking systems and controls, Seroogy offers a rare combination of first hand experience and investigative competency in security investigations.

His extensive involvement and knowledge in methods of bypass and compromise of automotive and structure security systems has made him a household name in locksmith and forensic locksmith circles.

Seroogy also develops, tests, and provides tools, information and training to Federal United States and Canadian Law Enforcement Agencies; including tactical training and tools involving surreptitious, covert entry, and commandeering techniques of structures and automobiles.

Seroogy has authored several automotive related manuals and over 100 articles on security.

Seroogy has served on the sales and product development teams with STRATTEC, BWD (formerly All Lock), and Lockmasters, Inc. He is the founder, developer and former director of Lockmasters’ PUREAuto Automotive training program.

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